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June 24, 2014
1pm – 6 pm followed by cocktail hour hosted by Auto Alliance
Metropolitan Pavilion/Altman Building | 125 W 18th St. NY, NY [MAP]

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The Connected Car has quickly accelerated from a futuristic concept to a tangible form of transportation that consumers can now purchase at their local automobile dealer. From in-dash apps that supply car occupants with cloud-connected information and services to driver assist systems that can take over steering and braking to prevent accidents, technology is making driving easier, safer and more enjoyable. And this is just the beginning. Game-changing technologies such as vehicle-to-vehicle communication and autonomous cars that could transform driving as we know it are just down the road.

Conference Chair:

Head Pic

 Doug NewcombAutomotive Technology Expert/C3 Chair and Co-producer

Programming contact: Doug Newcomb – doug@dougnewcomb.com
Sponsorships contact: Gretchen McFarlan – gretchen@dougnewcomb.com

Master of Ceremonies: Alan Taylor, Host of The Drive with Alan Taylor and Popular Science Radio, @The_Drive_Radio


$225/Free for all media

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Time Session
1:00-1:20 pm Special Preprogram Tech Chat, sponsored by Pioneer


Doug Newcomb, Automotive Technology Expert/C3 Chair and Co-producer, @DougNewcomb

Ted Cardenas, Vice President of Marketing, Car Electronics Division at Pioneer Electronics, @PioneerUSA

Dan Costa, Editor-in-Chief of PCMag.com and the Senior Vice President of Content for Ziff-Davis, @dancosta

1:30-1:35 pm Welcoming Remarks

Doug Newcomb, Automotive Technology Expert/C3 Chair and Co-producer, @DougNewcomb

1:35-1:45 pm Opening Remarks

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association, @GaryShapiro

1:45-2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Is Technology the Problem or Solution to Distracted Driving?

The car interior is seeing integration of technology such as connected infotainment and driver assist systems like never before. So drivers consequently have to pay attention to more controls, displays and alerts than ever before – and, of course, to the road at the same time. As automakers add more technology to their vehicles to satisfy driver demand for connectivity and to stay competitive, the question of whether technology is a help or hindrance has become a hotly debated topic. To kick off C3 2014 we’ve gathered luminaries from government, the automotive industry, consumer electronics and research to discuss the issue.

Moderator: Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association, @GaryShapiro


Gloria Bergquist, Vice President, Public Affairs, Auto Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, @autoalliance

Brian Radloff, Director, Strategic Accounts — Automotive, Nuance Communications, @bradloff

George Lynch, Vice President, Automotive Business Development, Pandora, @pandora_radio

David Zuby, Chief Research Officer, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, @IIHS_autosafety

Kevin Vincent, Chief Counsel, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

2:30-2:40 pm Q&A

2:45-3:30 pm Panel Discussion: Safeguarding Driver Privacy

Data privacy and security are major concerns for today’s constantly connected consumers. And now that vehicles are also becoming part of the global network of connected devices, ensuring that cars are safeguarded from hackers and driver privacy is kept secure are of paramount importance to all stakeholders – and especially to car owners. In this panel, thought leaders from the frontline of automotive software, network security, public policy and wireless connectivity discuss the threats and the solutions that will keep connected cars from being hacked and driver privacy protected.

Moderator: Roger Lanctot, Strategy Analytics, Associate Director Global Automotive Practice, @rogermud


Derek Kuhn, VP, Sales and Marketing, QNX Software Systems, @QNX_Auto

Catherine McCullough, Executive Director, Intelligent Car Coalition, @TechOnTires

David Miller, Chief Security Officer, Covisint, @Covisint

Judith Bitterli, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Services, AVG Technologies, @JudyAtAVG

Rajesh Khandelwal, Vice President, Technology Strategy, HARMAN, @HarmanNews

3:30-3:40 pm Q&A

3:40-4:00 pm Coffee Break

Sponsored by Hyundai

4:00-4:45 pm Panel Discussion: The Internet of Things (and Cars)

The car is quickly being transformed by technology, and this is only the beginning. As cars become increasingly connected, they’ll become part of the universe of networked devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) through machine-to-machine communication. How will this change cars, driving and traffic as we know it and what are some of the advances we’ll see as a result? Panelists from companies on the cutting-edge of car technology and IoT trends give us a glimpse into this brave new world of automotive connectivity and how it will soon become a reality.

Moderator: Chris Barker, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Waggener Edstrom, @WaggenerEdstrom


Niall Berkery, Executive Director, Business Development, Telenav, @niallberkery

Emanuel Brown, Director of Design Strategy, +Citizen, @emanuelbrown

Joel Hoffmann, Automotive Strategist, Intel, @Intel_Joel

Tim Nixon, Chief Technology Officer, Global Connected Consumer, General Motors, @GM

Andreas Mai, Director, Smart Connected Vehicles, Cisco, @Cisco

4:45-4:55 pm Q&A

5:00-5:45 pm Panel Discussion: Navigating Toward a Self-Driving Future

It’s not a question of if but when we’ll be able to let go of the wheel in our cars and have technology take over the task of driving. Automakers are already selling vehicles with partial autonomous capability, and fully autonomous cars are coming. But what will it take from a technology as well as a legal and consumer-acceptance perspective to make self-driving cars ready for sale and for the road. This panel of experts from automotive and technology leaders in the space give us a glimpse of our self-driving future.

Moderator: Chuck Tannert, Automotive/Technology Journalist, Fast Company and Yahoo Autos, @Oversized_Guy


John Absmeier, Director, Delphi Labs @ Silicon Valley and Global Automated Driving Business Development, @DelphiLabs

Wolfgang Juchmann, Director, Velodyne LiDAR, @VelodyneLidar

Danny Shapiro, Senior Director of Automotive, NVIDIA, @NVIDIA

Tejas Desai, Head of Interior Electronics Solutions, North America, Continental, @Continental_AG

Katherine Yehl, Director of Government Affairs, Volvo, @volvocarsus

5:45-5:55 pm Q&A

5:55-6:00 pm Closing Remarks

Doug Newcomb, Automotive Technology Expert/C3 Chair and Co-producer, @DougNewcomb

6:00-7:00 pm Networking/Media Reception

Sponsored by the Auto Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers