John Vaskis — Keynote Speaker

Head of Hardware, Technology, and Design Sales

John manages Indiegogo’s largest sales team that is focused on driving growth in the hardware and technology vertical at Indiegogo.

Nathan Safran

Director of Research, NAPCO Media

Director of Research for NAPCO Media, heading new research initiative. Develop business strategy and go to market plan together with senior leadership. Design custom research studies for multi-national companies, develop thought leadership and proprietary research for both internal and external use.

Patrick McCarthy

Sr. Content Editor, Dealerscope

Patrick McCarthy is a Senior Editor for Dealerscope who covers trends, technologies, and products in the consumer electronic space. Patrick has been a journalist for the six years, working for various publications covering a variety of topics through video, photo, and print in Illinois, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and across the internet.

Rob Stott

Editorial Director, Dealerscope

Editorial Director for the CT Lab publishing group at NAPCO Media. Oversees the editorial content strategy and direction for Dealerscope and other related publications. Avid techy and host of the UNBOXED product review series on Dealerscope.

Gerald Satoren

Executive Director

NATM Buying Corporation is a national buying co-op representing 12 regional retailers in the appliance and electronics industry. NATM coordinates the buying and merchandising strategies for its members, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Joel Silver


Joel Silver is the President and founder of the Imaging Science Foundation, Inc.,(ISF) which incorporated in 1994 to introduce image quality improving calibration services into HDTVs. There are now over 12 million HDTVs shipped each year under license to the ISF.

Kevin Miller


Kevin Miller is the owner of ISFTV, a Display Product Development Consulting company to the industry’s leading television and video source manufacturers. ISFTV has also been providing professional calibration services since the inception of the ISF in early 1994. Kevin specializes in home theater design consulting for the end user and full service professional calibration for all types of displays for both the consumer and professional markets.

Tom O’Connell

Vice President of Programs and Partnerships

Tom O’Connell is the Vice President of Programs and Partnerships at Code/Interactive. As a former high school physics & computer science teacher and teacher coach, Tom joined Code/Interactive to build professional development and content coaching programs for computer science teachers. Tom has fostered partnerships and supported teachers with schools and districts nationally as a part of the Computer Science For All Initiative. He is an adjunct professor at the Lehman College Graduate School of Education and a facilitator and teacher coach for Exploring Computer Science. Tom is an advisor to Facebook’s TechStart program, Teach For America’s CS Fellows initiative, and the Out In Tech Youth Program. He is a frequent speaker and panelist at computer science and technology education events

Brian Cohen

Chairman, Board of Directors

Brian Cohen is the Chairman, Board of Directors of NY Angels. He created iFluence PR a strategic behavioral-based communications consultancy for the new earned influence/social media community. Its focus is on understanding determinant business success factors and using qualitative customer research matched with highly aggressive guerrilla communications techniques to achieve client marketing objectives while providing the greatest financial value possible. He developed Good Cause Communications, the first full-service not-for-profit PR firm designed to meet the needs of struggling non-profits. Brian created and instituted the RPM (Rapid Publicity Marketing) model of strategic communications and started Focus Technology, a Focus Group company that provided qualitative research and beta site utilization services. Before launching TSI, Brian was a founding publisher of Computer Systems News and InformationWeek magazine at CMP Publications.

Mamadou Diallo

Former Winner of the Young Innovators Award

Mamadou Diallo, a former winner of the Young Innovators award, is a hackathon guru currently in his first year at Stanford University. He enjoys coding websites and iOS apps especially when his work solves problems that improve people’s lives. Mamadou is also the Co-founder of The Young Hackers, an organization dedicated to connecting and empowering a diverse new generation of programmers. Mamadou really enjoys playing pickup basketball, procrastinating on Youtube, and freestyle rap-battling with his friends. He aspires to work towards alleviating poverty and social injustice everywhere. He will be studying at Stanford University in the fall.

Emily Post

Former Winner of the Young Innovators Award

Emily Post, one of our past Young Innovator winner, has a deep interest in coding and believes that it will play an important part of her life. A student at the Chapin School in NYC, she created an online game that teaches kids about toxins and the environment. The game is called “FindingClover” and she plans to use it to raise awareness about the dangers of pesticides. Coincidentally, she learned that one of the world’s largest games companies, League of Legends, asks all their game creators to take martial arts, because the movements are perfect for game avatars. Since she already has her black belt, she is ahead of the curve.

Diane Levitt

Sr. Director of K-12 Education

Diane Levitt is the Sr. Director of K-12 Education for Cornell Tech. She drives their engagement with the NYC computing education community, including the Dept. of Education’s CS4All initiative, and works with individual schools to catalyze K-12 computer science. She is responsible for Cornell Tech’s annual conference, To Code and Beyond, convening educators, nonprofit and industry leaders, policymakers and funders to examine best practices and innovative solutions in K-12 computing education.Before joining Cornell Tech, Diane was the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Belkin, and philanthropic advisor to Belkin’s founder and CEO. Diane received a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College, and a Bachelor of Science in Women’s Studies and Anthropology from Barnard College, Columbia University.

Warren Buckleitner


Warren Buckleitner is an educational psychologist who reviews children’s interactive media. He’s been a preschool, elementary and college teacher (currently TCNJ’s IMM program). He is the founding editor of Children’s Technology Review ( He speaks at education and library conferences, and contributes content to many books and publications, including a decade of children’s tech coverage for the New York Times. He holds a degree in elementary education from Central Michigan University (Cum Laude), an MA in early childhood education from Pacific Oaks College, and a doctorate in educational psychology from Michigan State University. He serves as a Sr. Advisor to the Breteau Foundation, and coordinates the KAPi prize at CES and the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Prize at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. In 2000, he started Dust or Magic ( and the Mediatech Foundation (, a non-profit community technology center in his town’s library where he serves as a Trustee. He is the father of two daughters, and tries to play trumpet in a Dixie band.

Kerry Goldstein

Producer and Project Lead, Large-Scale Event Management

Kerry Goldstein, A native Texan, is passionate about technology and spreading the word about the individuals, companies, and organizations enhancing our lives and work via high-tech solutions. As the Marketing Director for Living in Digital Times, Kerry is responsible for creating the unique identity of the brand’s events and conferences. She brings more than 20 years of strategic marketing, product, and promotion experience to her job including working for a number of education companies including Cambium, The Princeton Review and others.

Surendra Persaud

Former Winner of the Young Innovators Award

Surendra Persaud, a past winner of the Young Innovators award in 2015, is a hackathon enthusiast currently pursuing Computer Science & Political Science at the University at Albany. He emigrated to New York City from Guyana when he was three and has always had an interest in technology. He has organized inclusive events and mentored others through a variety of organizations including The Young Hackers, The Knowledge House and Global Kids. Today, his ambitions lie at the intersection of computer science, politics, and education. Surendra loves to meet new people and recite to them the Hamilton soundtrack. His favorite hobbies are lifting weights, producing films, and dancing.

Vincent Ponzo

Managing Director of the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center

Vincent Ponzo is the Managing Director of the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia Business School where he leads the team responsible for all entrepreneurship related education, programming, positioning, fundraising and strategic initiatives.Vince serves as an advisor to numerous startups, is a mentor to multiple Columbia Business School students and alumni, and plays an active role in the New York City entrepreneurial ecosystem. Vince previously held client facing executive positions at a wide variety of startups, including leading the build out and growth of General Assembly’s offline education business from its earliest days. Vince has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS in finance from Boston College.

Robin Raskin

Founder and CEO

Robin Raskin has spent the past 30 years exploring what it means to be living in digital times. An author, editor, magazine publisher, blogger, TV and radio personality, and founder of Living in Digital Times, Raskin says she’s never met a media she doesn’t like, and is happiest when she’s looking in awe at the role that technology plays in all of our lives. An early champion of the digital lifestyle, Robin has brought her unique perspective on technology to audiences around the world. Robin is the former editor of PC Magazine and editor in chief of FamilyPC. She served as Vice President at Ziff Davis Publishing, and she was one of the founding advisors at Yahoo! Tech. She has been a columnist for USA Today Online and has authored 6 books about parenting in the digital age. Robin was a regular contributor to CBS News and appeared regularly on CNBC, MSNBC, Lifetime and other networks. She’s served at the National Academy of Science and has testified numerous times in Washington to protect children in the digital age. Today she writes for Mashable and Huffington Post, and serves as the voice of Living in Digital Times as a frequently quoted expert. In 2007, Robin entered into a partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) to produce conferences and events focusing on lifestyle applications for emerging technologies. From its toe-tipping beginning, Living in Digital Times has grown to encompass six different lifestyle-meets-technology events at the International CES: Kids@Play, MommyTech, HigherEd Tech, Silvers Summit, Digital Health, and FashionWare, She also created and produced The Last Gadget Standing (now in its 14th year) and The Mobile Apps Showdown, both wildly popular events at CES. Robin serves on numerous Boards of Advisors including the CEA Foundation and the Cyclic Vomiting Association.
Robin lives in NYC and the Hudson Valley, with her husband, her three drop-in-now-and-then children, and closets full of obsolete technology.

Tonda Bunge Sellers


For a decade, Tonda Bunge Sellers, President of Digital Kids Conference, has led the toy and entertainment industry in navigating the ever-evolving kids’ digital market. The Digital Kids Conference, co-located with Toy Fair, has become an annual must-attend event and think tank for all those focused on digital products for kids and services for the 21st century family. This year’s conference will focus on the future of connected smart play and feature experts in the fields of app / mobile development, children’s entertainment, and digital media. Tonda has cultivated an intimate event – attracting several hundred brand experts, toy companies and technologists – which allows for engaged discussion, networking and idea sharing to shape the future of the digital kids’ market.

Miguel Gamiño

Chief Technology Officer for the City of New York

Miguel Gamiño is the Chief Technology Officer for the City of New York under the leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio. As CTO, he is charged with two major initiatives: developing a meaningful and innovative Smart City and “Internet of Things” (IoT) strategy in collaboration with City agencies and departments; and leading the City’s Broadband Program with agencies, private industry and academia aimed at fulfilling Mayor de Blasio’s promise to provide every New Yorker and NYC business access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband service in all of New York by 2025. Prior to NYC, Mr. Gamiño served as the City Chief Information Officer and Executive Director of the Department of Technology for the City and County of San Francisco. His team and colleagues brought “broadband” to the mainstream conversation and charted the course for a connected city of the future. As an industry technologist, Mr. Gamiño participates in thought-leadership conversations with global colleagues, emphasizing the significance of pervasive broadband connectivity and the value of disrupting civic services through digital transformation. He is a proud recipient of 2017 HITEC 100, 2016 State IT Executive of the Year, 2016 Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers, and 2016 Top 21 Inspiring CIOs on Twitter. 2015 CIO 100 award from CIO Magazine, and Top 20 Social CIO by Forbes Magazine, and Top 100 Social CIOs by Huffington Post in 2015 and 2016.

Gabriel Biderman


Gabriel Biderman has been exploring the night topography for over 20 years. Using film and digital, he blends the surreal look of the night to enhance historic and urban landscapes. Biderman’s work has been exhibited in NY, London, San Francisco, and Hawaii and he is the author of the book Night Photography – From Snapshots to Great Shots. Gabriel has also been teaching photography for over 10 years and is the co-founder of National Parks at Night workshop series and has created educational videos for Creative Live, KelbyOne, and B&H.  To learn more about Gabriel visit

Jay Habegger

Co-founder, CEO

Jay Habegger is the co-founder and CEO of ownerIQ. Jay is a pioneer in digital media and advertising having over 20 years experience. He has built The Q from it’s humble beginnings to leading the industry in second party data and as the leading programmatic solution for digital advertisers, retailers and brands. Previously, Jay was the CEO and president of Bitpipe, leading the company through to its sale to TechTarget in 2004 in a $40 million transaction Jay has been a guest speaker at events attended by C-level marketing executives discussing the evolution of digital shopper marketing, retailer monetization, and programmatic advertising. He has also written several bylines for prominent advertising and retail publications such as Ad Age, Internet Retailer, Dealerscope, and TWICE Magazine. In addition, Habegger was acknowledged in The Rayno Report’s 2014 list of Top 11 ad tech visionaries. ownerIQ has been named one of the 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal in 2017, as a MITX Award Finalist, in Ad Age’s 2015 B2B Best Awards, Digiday Signal Awards 2015, CIO Review’s 2015 Top 20 Most Promising Retail Technologies and as a Hot Tech to Watch in 2014.

Colin Marshall

Vice President

Since joining Fantem in 2014, Colin has been solely focused on the mission of bringing to market a smart home for everyone.  He is responsible for driving the company’s GTM strategy for Oomi including launching the brand, scaling up its B2B and DTC channels, and establishing strategic partnerships. He is also instrumental in innovation and new product development and was a driving force behind Oomi’s record breaking crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Colin resides in Chicago with his wife and four 10 years-old children and, thanks to Oomi, can finally stop asking if they left the light on.

Nathan Pettyjohn


Nathan Pettyjohn is the Founder of the VR/AR Association—a global community of the leaders in virtual reality and augmented reality. The association is designed to foster research and industry case studies and help promote and connect member companies and individuals across all verticals of the marketplace. He is also the Founder & CEO of aisle411, the leading mobile commerce and location services platform for retailers.

Amit Chetal

Digital Solutions Lead

Amit Chetal, is the digital solutions lead for Cisco’s Americas Digital Transformation Team supporting many industries including retail and hospitality, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing. He is veteran of Cisco of 13 years. Amit has direct experience working with several key retail and hospitality clients on their digital transformation strategies leveraging IOT and sensor technologies, mobile, collaboration platforms, and analytics platforms. Amit has also worked with many retail and hospitality clients in creating an IT Investment roadmap for mapping store, hotel, and cruise line of the future initiatives back to technologies, solutions and architectures, particularly in the areas of grocery, big box, hotels, cruise lines, quick service restaurants (QSRs) and retail banking. Amit brings deep experience and expertise working with clients on innovation projects and digital solutions for enhancing the customer experience, improving employee productivity, and optimizing store operations. Prior to his current role, Amit has held several roles at Cisco including consulting, direct sales, supporting some of the largest retail and healthcare enterprise accounts. He is active in industry organizations such as the National Retail Federation and ARTS, the Association of Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) and has contributed to whitepapers in the areas of social and mobile analytics and digital transformation in retail. Amit has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Penn State, and a degree in Economics and Business from UC Berkeley. Amit lives in San Ramon California with his wife, daughter, and dog.

Kathryn Howe

Director, Digital Transformation Sales Retail and Hospitality Industries

Kathryn Howe leads Cisco’s Digital Transformation Business for the US Retail and Hospitality industries where she and her team specialize in leading retail enterprises through successful digital transformation in critical business areas such as merchandising, operations, labor planning and category management She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and holds certificates from the Harvard Executive Development program and the Santa Clara Retail Masters Institute.


Tony Scherba

CEO and Founder

Tony Scherba is the CEO and Founder of Yeti. He began developing websites at age 14, shifting to mobile platforms in early 2009. He put his expertise together and started Yeti with his cofounder out of their college apartment in 2011. At Yeti they’ve launched many successful software applications and businesses. Throughout his life Scherba has been focused on exploring new technologies and creating meaningful and enjoyable products with them. Now most of his time via Yeti is concentrated on working with companies to continue exploring this passion.

Ted Cardenas

Vice President of Marketing in the Car Electronics Division

Ted Cardenas is the Vice President of Marketing in the Car Electronics Division at Pioneer Electronics. He is responsible for overall brand strategy, sales initiatives, promotional activities and advertising. He and his team focuses on the primary goals of educating consumers about Pioneer’s in-vehicle entertainment, navigation and connectivity solutions, while building excitement and demand that directs them to its retail and distribution partners.

Alexandra Harding

Director, Vendor Management

As director, vendor management for Ingram Micro’s Consumer Technology Solutions business unit, Alexandra Harding provides strategic direction to the distributor’s Scottsdale, Ariz.-based vendor management team, as well as ensuring profitability and managing critical vendor relationships. A 24-year veteran of the consumer electronics industry, Harding joined Ingram Micro in 2009 as senior manager, vendor management and purchasing, before accepting her current role in 2012. Prior to Ingram Micro, Harding worked as a buyer for DBL Distributing, Radio Shack and CompUSA, and previously held positions with Tweeter Home Entertainment Group and Sound Advice. She is a member of the Women in CE industry organization and a Gen U Generous Giver member as well as the Executive Sponsor for the Ingram Micro Scottsdale campus for United Way.

Tim Alessi

Sr. Director – Product Marketing, Home Entertainment

Tim Alessi is Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Home Entertainment Products at LG Electronics USA in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. In this role, Tim is responsible for working with LG’s engineering and product planning departments in Korea to bring the newest home entertainment technologies to market including OLED and LCD televisions, BluRay disc players and smart audio systems. In addition to LG, his 35 years of industry experience includes more than 20 years at Sony Electronics and Sharp in various marketing, operational and financial capacities. He also is a member of the board of directors of the Digital Entertainment Group and actively participates in other industry organizations such as the CTA and UHDA. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Tom Campbell

Global Technologist, Consumer Visionary and Entrepreneur

Tom Campbell is internationally recognized as a technology strategist and visionary marketer. In addition to his own entrepreneurial ventures in electronics, retailing and clean energy, Campbell is a leading technology counselor to both the public and private sectors. He has served as White House technology advisor in three administrations, and received the Presidential Distinguished Service Award for his “dedicated service to the White House and the Executive Office of the President” and special recognition on the floor of the U.S. Senate. In cooperation with leading manufacturers, Campbell has been instrumental in the national launch of new consumer technologies and products, from the compact disc to GPS, from camcorders to DVD, from high-definition television to 4K-Ultra HDTV,  4K-OLED  and most recently, the first Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player and software.His technology strategies have supported countless events, including presidential debates and inaugurations, political conventions and industry events. Campbell serves as an adjunct faculty member of the Georgetown University Technology Management Graduate Program and as senior advisor to the Georgetown Global Education Institute. He also serves on numerous corporate boards including Video and Audio Center headquartered in Los Angeles and represents retailers on the 4K Ultra HD Working Group of the Consumer Technology Association.

Robert Zohn

Founder and President

Robert Zohn is the founder and President of Value Electronics in Scarsdale, NY. He started the company in 1998 with the mission to provide the best a/v products, system design and custom installation. Zohn created and hosts the Value Electronics Flat Panel Shootout Evaluation Event every year, which compares all flagship TVs from every major manufacturer and rewards the top display the honor of “King of HDTV.” He started the annual TV evaluations back in 2004 and since then it has grown into an important industry event with a large following on YouTube, user forums, and among a/v enthusiasts. Before starting Value Electronics, Zohn was a Broadcast Systems Engineer, working for Hitachi Denshi America Ltd and Ikegami. Zohn is considered an expert in the new 4K HDR TV System and consults with several consumer TV manufacturers on the development and advancement of video displays. Zohn has been a speaker at NAB, IBC, CES, CE Week and Nine Lives

Jonathan Greer

Marketing Director

Jonathan Greer is a Marketing Director at Canary – one of  NYC’s fastest growing consumer technology startups focused on building the next generation of security products that are changing the way people connect to their homes and to each other. At Canary, Jonathan is responsible for the company’s overall marketing and communication efforts including go-to-market strategy, customer acquisition and retention, PR/social and CRM. Prior to Canary, Jonathan spent 9 years in the Retail Strategy and Operations practice at Deloitte Consulting where he focused on customer growth strategy and large-scale business transformations. Jonathan completed his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management and his BS also from Northwestern University.

Rebecca Wasley

Marketing Director

Rebecca Wasley is the Marketing Director for BewellConnect Corp, overseeing all marketing initiatives for the US including brand, promotion and strategy for both the B2B and B2C market . BewellConnect Corp. is an ecosystem of connected health and wellness devices and services that enhance care coordination and a subsidiary of the French-based Visiomed Group.

James Slaby

Product Marketing Manager

James R. Slaby is a product marketing manager at Acronis. Previously, Slaby was an industry analyst covering IT security, cloud computing and network technology for Forrester Research, Yankee Group, and HfS Research. With over 300 published research pieces, his findings have been quoted in The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and countless tech publications. Slaby has also held marketing roles at tech vendors Sonus Networks, Acme Packet, Bay Networks and Motorola.

Malcom Glenn

Strategic Partnerships

Malcom Glenn manages strategic partnerships at Uber in Washington, DC, where he focuses on policy and community engagement with national organizations representing underserved communities. Prior to Uber, Malcom was an executive communications manager at Google. Before joining Google, he was the national director of communications at the American Federation for Children, and previously worked on issue campaigns at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner. Malcom graduated from Harvard College, where he was the president of The Harvard Crimson.

Barry Heller

Client Platform Specialist

Since Joining Intel in 2000, Barry has held a number pf roles at Intel supporting Intel’s Distribution Partners and their customers across the Americas. More recently, Barry’s role as a Client Platform Specialist has provided solutions, training and marketing for Intel’s Distribution Partners. Barry came to Intel from Arrow Electronics where he spent 5 years as a Distributor Sales Specialist and Account Manager. In his spare time he enjoys biking, traveling and hiking.

Kevin Lu

Channel Marketing Coordinator

A graduate from California State University of Los Angeles, Kevin completed his bachelor’s degree in marketing management. He has worked for several companies serving as a marketing associate and has found a passion in the technology and gaming industry.

Steve Kramer

Senior Consultant

Steve Kramer is a Senior Consultant at InfoScout, where he leads several of its customer relationships across CE, Retail, and CPG. In addition to InfoScout, Steve’s background is in strategy consulting and marketing effectiveness, with a focus on the US and LATAM markets.